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Yanfeng Supplier Upload

Step 1

Download the excel template by clicking “Download the template file”

Step 2

Enter your suppliers to the template file (mandatory fields: Supplier Name, POI (Factories), Website of the supplier, Country, City)

Step 3

Choose the saved file with the supplier information and upload it by clicking “Start Upload”.


Q. Why am I receiving this email?
A. Yanfeng uses Prewave to gather updates from its suppliers in an automated manner to better understand how they are affected by risks and to support you with your suppliers.

Q. What happens with my data and the supplier information?
A. Your supplier information is only visible to you. We have different privacy settings and you can choose what your customers can see from your supply chain.

Q. I’m not the right person within my organization to answer this request.
A. Simply forward this request email to the right colleague – the link will also work for them. Otherwise, send us a short message to

Q. Does it cost anything to use this service as a supplier?
A. It is completely free to use Prewave as a supplier and you will not incur any costs.

Q. The data regarding our supplier location (e.g. company name, location, website, etc.) is incorrect. What should I do?
A. Please send us an email and we will correct it immediately.

If you have any other questions please contact us at

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