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“ Forests are crucial for our planet, yet deforestation persists. The EUDR tackles this by ensuring products entering the EU are deforestation-free. Prewave, recognized by Gartner as a top EUDR vendor, provides a complete solution for effective supplier risk management. We help businesses meet EUDR standards effortlessly, ensuring sustainable and compliant supply chains. Together, we strive to protect our forests and build a greener future. ”

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The Due Diligence Process for EUDR Compliance 

Starting December 30, 2024 (June 30, 2025 for small businesses), the EUDR prohibits placing or exporting products in the EU market unless they are “deforestation-free,” produced according to the legislation of the production country, and covered by a due diligence statement showing negligible risk of non-compliance. Ensure compliance to avoid market restrictions and penalties.

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EUDR Timeline


Deforestation-free cut-off date


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Deforestation-free cut-off date


Prewave’s End-to-End Solution Approach

Prewave offers a streamlined solution for EUDR compliance, leveraging satellite imaging to verify supplier locations for deforestation-free practices. We provide detailed risk assessments and facilitate easy certificate generation directly to regulatory authorities. Our AI-powered platform ensures efficient compliance, saving businesses time and resources while supporting sustainable practices.

Scope Definition

Supplier Engagement

Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation

DD Statement

Key Benefits for Your Business

Protect your right to sell on the EU market:

“Achieve compliance and demonstrate your products are deforestation free.”

Streamlined Compliance Process:

“Save time and resources with our automated due diligence and reporting features.”

Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency:

“Gain clear visibility into your supply chain, ensuring that your products are sourced sustainably.”

Improved Risk Management:

“Proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring that your business complies with the EUDR and other regulations.”

Strengthened Corporate Reputation:

“Position your company as a leader in sustainability and corporate responsibility.”

Proven Success with Prewave

“The integration of Prewave risk management software into our supply chain operations was a real game changer. The comprehensive monitoring, downstream supply chain visibility and real-time alerts have transformed our approach to compliance and transparency. Navigating complex legislation in both the domestic and European context has become seamless, and we can now ensure that our operations are consistently compliant with regulatory requirements. Increased transparency across the supply chain has increased our decision-making confidence by providing early warnings about potential risks such as disruptions in supply, compliance issues, and ethical concerns. Prewave’s solution has enabled us to proactively address potential issues and maintain a robust, compliant and transparent supply chain ecosystem.”

Catharina Masing,

Sustainability Manager at Endress+Hauser


1.Who is affected by EUDR?

The EUDR affects both operators and traders placing relevant products on the EU market or exporting them from the EU. This includes a wide range of businesses from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations, including supermarkets and retailers involved in the supply chain of commodities such as cattle, cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber, soy, and wood, and their derived products.

Non-compliance with the EUDR can lead to severe penalties, including the inability to sell products in the EU market, fines up to 4% of EU turnover, product confiscation, exclusion from public procurement, and trading suspensions. Ensuring compliance is not just about avoiding penalties—it’s about protecting your business’s reputation and market access.

The EUDR covers seven primary commodities and their derived products:
Cattle, Cocoa, Coffee, Oil palm, Rubber, Soy, Wood.
Additionally, it includes various derived products such as meat products, leather, chocolate, palm oil derivatives, soybean flour and oil, wood products, pulp and paper, and printed books. Check our Whitepaper for more information.

Products derived from EUDR-listed commodities but considered out of scope include for example leather bags made from cattle, coffee cakes from ground coffee, to-go coffee from coffee pods, and soap made with palm oil from palm oil itself. These products are exempt due to their extensive processing which disconnects them from the primary commodity’s original deforestation risk. To determine if a product falls within EUDR scope, companies must compare its HS code against those listed in Annex 1 and the Combined Nomenclature, ensuring compliance with the regulation’s criteria.

Operator: Refers to any entity that places relevant products on the EU market or exports them from the EU. This includes manufacturers, producers, and entities that physically handle the goods.

Trader: Refers to any entity that trades relevant products already placed on the EU market. Traders do not include operators but may include importers, exporters, wholesalers, or retailers involved in the sale or distribution of goods already in the EU market.

The due diligence statement required under the EUDR acts as a declaration by companies introducing products into the EU market or exporting them. It confirms adherence to the regulation by verifying that products are deforestation-free, produced in line with local laws, and accompanied by a statement indicating minimal risk of non-compliance. This statement plays a critical role in demonstrating compliance with EUDR standards, enhancing supply chain transparency, and facilitating regulatory checks by authorities.

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