Supplier scoring

Enjoy a 360° view of your suppliers’ risks

The Prewave 360 degree Score gives you a detailed overview of a supplier’s risk profile in real-time, based on historical and live Prewave data, external data sources, supplier assessments and peer group benchmarks.

  • Prewave data
  • External data
  • Supplier assessments
  • Peer group benchmarking

This is the data we generate through our AI algorithm by monitoring millions of publicly available data sources. It consists of risk alerts for suppliers across 140+ categories and more than 50 languages.

We work with external data providers such as COFACE and we are happy to integrate customer specific data sources.

We can use answers from supplier assessments designed by Prewave, Löning or pwc, that you can directly send your suppliers on the Prewave platform, or integrated external third party assessment providers via API.

We look at risk within countries, industries and other peer groups to determine a benchmark of similar peers.

360° Risk Score

Labor (53)

Political (100)

Financial (100)

Others (500+)

360° Risk Score Development

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Three simple steps to get your whole view set up!

1. Setting up your direct suppliers on the Prewave platform

2. Screening your direct and indirect suppliers for historical data

3. Integrating additional data sources to achieve a 360° score

Here goes a Sub Heading

The Prewave risk matrix

See exactly where you need to take action next. The Risk Matrix pegs the impact of a risk to your business against the risk score. Suppliers with a big potential impact and high risk score are clearly visible in the red area of the matrix.

Risk Matrix

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