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Discover how our clients enhance their supply chain robustness by accelerating response capabilities, diminishing the effects of business disruptions, and curbing systemic risks within their supply chains. Explore the tangible Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impacts they’re making, which contribute to the betterment of working conditions worldwide. Learn how they adeptly steer through the complex landscape of supply chain regulations, ensuring compliance and resilience in their operations.

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Trusted by
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Emma Sleep Success Story

Emma Sleep Success Story

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Discover how Prewave revolutionizes resilience strategies, ensuring businesses thrive in the face of uncertainties.

Unravel the complexities of compliance with Prewave’s innovative solutions, guiding businesses through regulatory landscapes with ease.

Embark on a journey towards sustainability excellence as Prewave pioneers sustainable practices, transforming industries for a greener future.

Discover how Prewave redefines supply chain mapping for operational excellence. Navigate uncertainties with precision, ensuring a robust foundation for future growth.

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“Prewave has transformed our supplier risk management at Magna International. With the ability to assess over 150 different risks across our entire supply base, we now make more informed business decisions and efficiently check for risks in the ESG realm. The communication and collaboration with our suppliers have significantly improved, aligning with our commitment to an ethically sensitive environment. Prewave’s time-saving capabilities and reliable data make it an excellent tool for us, enhancing productivity on a scale that would otherwise require an enormous workforce. It’s a game-changer for us at Magna International.”

Andre Ertl

VP of Supplier Risk Management, Magna International

“Thanks to ‘Prewave’ we deal with a complex situation more effectively and furthermore we have the necessary transparency to get through the crisis. Moreover we are well prepared for the future!”

Andreas Schön

Manager Sourcing & Procurement Governance, Kärcher

“As the global process owner for supply management at Hilti Corporation, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of Prewave in our operations. Partnering with Prewave allowed us to replace an outdated proprietary software tool and elevate our risk management to new heights. As a direct sales company in the construction industry, product availability is paramount for us, and Prewave’s consequence-based risk management has been instrumental in ensuring stellar product availability figures. The integration of different information sources, dynamic risk monitoring, and exceptional usability make Prewave invaluable for our supply managers, driving enthusiasm for this outstanding tool.”

Brian Sieben

Global Process Owner for Supply Management, Hilti Corporation

“The integration of Prewave risk management software into our supply chain operations was a real game changer. The comprehensive monitoring, downstream supply chain visibility and real-time alerts have transformed our approach to compliance and transparency. Navigating complex legislation in both the domestic and European context has become seamless, and we can now ensure that our operations are consistently compliant with regulatory requirements. Increased transparency across the supply chain has increased our decision-making confidence by providing early warnings about potential risks such as disruptions in supply, compliance issues, and ethical concerns. Prewave’s solution has enabled us to proactively address potential issues and maintain a robust, compliant and transparent supply chain ecosystem.”

Catharina Masing

Sustainability Manager, Endress+Hauser Group

“Prewave is a valuable part of our due diligence, addressing the challenges of maintaining high standards in human rights and sustainability, especially with the impending legislation like Lksg in Germany, and CSDDD. With Arcadis running numerous projects and engaging with many suppliers globally, monitoring high standards and ensuring complete due diligence is a complex task. Prewave is a crucial component, offering a rich data source that significantly enhances our visibility. The ongoing information flow ensures that we stay up to date, providing real-time insights beyond traditional audits. This visibility not only aids us in monitoring our current supply base but also facilitates more meaningful discussions with our suppliers, making Prewave an integral part of our journey toward sustainable and responsible procurement.”

Mieneke Koster

Global Director of Sustainable Procurement, Arcadis

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Post-COVID, anyone in supply chain management remembers the struggle of keeping up with production and operations as factories shut down, and delivery routes seized up. What if there was a solution that could pick up on all factory statuses and even give a risk prediction for potential shutdowns? What if you could prepare for the next crisis well in advance? 

Purchasing departments’ daily bread and butter is the selection of new suppliers. The decisions are mostly based on financial data and supplier assessments, all of which are lagging behind the reality as data is only reported periodically. They also fail to include supplier incidents, such as strikes, fires, etc. What if there was a way to screen a supplier and get historical information, as well as any current risks, up-to-the-minute?

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