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Prewave Action Platform

Complete the full supply chain risk lifecycle

As an industry first, Prewave now offers third party supplier actions via the Prewave Action Platform. Not only can you identify and evaluate risks, it is now possible to take preventative and mitigation actions with your suppliers directly from the Prewave platform. Your next training, audit or assessment is just a click away!

The Prewave
funnel methodology

To accurately assess the number of required actions tailored to your supplier base, we employ the Prewave funnel methodology, which identifies the risk levels associated with your suppliers. This selection process allows us to estimate the optimal number of actions needed to effectively address issues within your supply chain and create a lasting impact on your suppliers.

Risk Matrix

Prewave Action Platform

Improve Risk Suppliers

The severity of the risk determines the recommended action types, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken. Successful actions will lead to noticeable improvements in the suppliers’ performance, ultimately resulting in an enhanced risk score for your supplier base

Service Overview

Platform Benefits

Actions on the Prewave Action Platform fall into multiple categories depending on their scope, severity and executing party. In order to take action a credit system is used. Subscribers to the Action Platform receive a set of complimentary actions, while additional actions necessitate the use of varying credit amounts, contingent on the action type and associated partner. The primary action categories encompass:

Action Consulting

Platform partners offer consulting services for your supply chain risk management such as GAP analysis, BAFA report check and more

On-site Audits

A variety of onsite audits can be booked via the platform. From Social/ Environmental to standard (ISO) or customer specific protocol audits

Awareness Training

You can book awareness training with your suppliers who can be both online or on-site, in the local language and specific to the risk or issue the suppliers are facing. Awareness trainings are a great cost-effective way to make lasting change

Desk Audits

In addition to on-site audits, desk audits can also be conducted via the Action Platform

Supplier / Stakeholder engagement

Supplier engagement solutions can be put in place via the Action Platform. An example are worker surveys at local factories which are a cost effective way to asses the situation at a suppliers location

Action Platform

Platform Partners

The following partner actions will be available at the launch of the platform





Supplier / Stakeholder engagement

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