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Prewave has been on a mission to make global supply chains more sustainable, transparent, and resilient through the best technology in the supply chain risk management market. 

Established in 2017 in Vienna, Austria, Prewave has been at the forefront of advancing end-to-end supply chain risk management. Specializing in AI and machine learning technologies, Prewave empowers both, businesses and suppliers, from all industries to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks in real time. Our commitment extends beyond risk management to include fostering compliance with due diligence and regulations. By leveraging our cutting-edge tools, you can monitor and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and the highest ethical standards.

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Become an Industry Leader

Position yourself as a key player in your industry and location by showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Prewave helps you become the benchmark that others measure themselves against, setting you apart as an A-lister in your field.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain visibility among existing and potential customers worldwide. With Prewave, you can represent your company to thousands of major corporations, including esteemed names like AbInBev, KTM, and BMW, amplifying your reach and impact.

Direct Engagement Opportunities

Engage directly with businesses and customers, update your profile, comment, and take actions to improve your sustainability and resilience scores. Prewave provides clear touchpoints for you to strengthen relationships and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Unlock the Value of Prewave for Your Business

At Prewave, we’re committed to helping your business thrive in a world that demands resilience, transparency, and sustainability. Join our global network of suppliers and leverage our cutting-edge AI tools to communicate your commitment to sustainability, engage with industry leaders such as Porsche, Siemens, and Nexperia, and elevate your business to new heights. 

Compliance Assurance

Demonstrate your compliance with important global regulations effortlessly. Prewave helps you stay ahead of regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind and boosting your credibility.

Free for Suppliers

Prewave is committed to supporting suppliers in joining the sustainability revolution. Our platform is and will always be free for suppliers, allowing you to access valuable tools and resources without any financial barriers.

Pathways to Sustainability

Get a blueprint on how to improve your sustainability and resilience scores. Prewave offers clear pathways for building sustainable supply chains and strengthening business relationships.

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Take the first step towards a more resilient, transparent, and sustainable future for your business. Register with Prewave in under two minutes and become part of the worldwide movement towards sustainable supply chains.

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