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Winning the DEMO Competition 2021

Prewave win two categories of the DPW DEMO competition

How winning the largest competition in the procurement world shapes our future

The year 2021 has been an exciting one all round. The world is slowly getting back on track after the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s good to know the human race remains so resilient.

Things weren’t too different for Prewave. 2021 has brought along incredible opportunities, helped create long-lasting bonds with amazing companies, and granted us invaluable recognition from some extremely important entities.


Earlier this year, Prewave entered the DEMO competition for start-ups held by Digital Procurement World every year. Last September at the pitch (the largest one in its field), Prewave managed to win not only one, but two categories. Everyone at Prewave feels a great sense of pride, and a surge in our already extremely high levels of motivation.

At the ‘Audience Vote’ category we were granted first place overall in the competition: a priceless moment for us, outcompeting 76 incredibly talented startups from all around the world and land in the top spot. 

The next prize was voted and awarded by a panel of judges, formed from a group of 66 experts in procurement, supply chain, and technology, and it ranked Prewave as the number one company in the category of ‘Risk and Resilience’.


The goal of the DEMO pitch competition is to offer procurement startups and entrepreneurs a boost plus the chance of gaining exposure and to meet with each other, creating strong, professional bonds that will last for a very long time.

DPW chooses their winners based on their unique characteristics and those companies they consider “the most disruptive startups that will have the greatest impact and ROI on procurement’s digital transformation”.


It was the following points that led Prewave to becoming part of the 77 winners of this year:

  • Data quality and relevance of alerts that outperform the industry benchmark

This demonstrates Prewave pioneering services. Our level of accuracy, speed and reliability has no direct competition. 

  • One-stop solution

Prewave comprehends all steps, from supplier discovery and mapping along the entire supply chain, to commodity monitoring, real-time monitoring and assessments, actionable risk score calculations to flexibility of API integration.

  • Allowing for transparency beyond the Tier-1 suppliers

Going beyond the direct suppliers means that Prewave allows you to dig deeper in your supply chain and making sure your company controls all of its processes.

  • AI-powered social media and news media channel analysis in 50+ languages and 150+ countries

Allowing for a more comprehensive approach, AI-powered solutions allow for immediate translation and analysis of information around the world, detecting crucial incidents and reporting them back to our customers.

  • Prediction of risk events in real time

By applying AI-powered data collection technology to news channels and social media, Prewave can gather information in real-time and communicate it to our customers immediately.


We are thrilled to have taken part and won the DEMO competition, but what makes us perhaps happier still is having had the invaluable opportunity to meet with our competitors and the panellists to exchange insightful information about what we care about the most: making procurement and supply chain management a resilient, sustainable and transparent part of every business.

We promise to continue being worthy of the win, because to us it means we are working better for you: our customers.

To learn more about DPW and the DEMO competition for Startups click the link below

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