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Prewave has been chosen as one of Spend Matters ‘Future 5’ procurement startups

We are proud to have been chosen as one of the ‘Future 5’ startups by Spend Matters.

The criteria were:

-They are less than 5 years old, with ideally less than 2 years in market (official product launch)

-They have 5+ customers

-They are have an innovative, interesting application of technology

-They have clear momentum and staying power

-They have under $10 million in revenue

Spend Matters chose us because they knew they needed to select at least one vendor from the risk management space. Prewave was the compelling choice for several reasons:

‘First, it provides a powerful but lower-cost alternative to supply chain risk monitoring for firms that are looking for a “bid data” approach to identifying and mitigating event risk in their supply networks. Its use of an open API allows Prewave to integrate into a client’ existing S2P/supply chain software for universal use. And, perhaps most notable, Prewave’s use of a freemium model, which allows any business to monitor up to 100 suppliers for free, and for suppliers to do the same with suppliers, creates significant opportunity to create network scale and then turn that scale back into a business opportunity.’

Check out our full profile on Spend Matters here: https://spendmatters.com/almanac/prewave/

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