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BMW Group & Prewave: At the forefront of supply chain risk management

Prewave is delighted to announce their renewed partnership with the BMW Group….

The 4 Pillars of Global Procurement

This blog post will take a deep-dive into the 4 pillars of global procurement, with actionable insights that will help…

6 Emerging Compliance Trends in 2023 (and Beyond)

What should compliance officers watch out—and prepare for—in the upcoming months? This blog post will tackle 6 emerging compliance trends in…

Prewave raises 18m Euro Series A+ to become first end-to-end supply chain risk platform

Prewave, the supply chain risk management and compliance platform used by hundreds of clients, including BMW, PwC, and Lufthansa, secured…

6 things you need to know about supply chain management in 2023

This article will examine 6 things you need to know about supply chain management to ensure continued business success—in 2023…

Supply Chain Sustainability in 2023

This article will examine the main issues preventing supply chain sustainability in 2023, and provide actionable insights for a more…

Identifying Sustainability Risks

How Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen use Prewave to monitor their supply chain for sustainability risks….
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