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Prewave Sustainability Ranking: Steel Industry

First off, welcome to Prewaves new ranking format. We constantly innovate new and meaningful ways to provide value with our data and we have now come up with this industry ranking. You can find all suppliers in one industry ranked by the amount of alerts that we generated in the given timeframe. The ranking is weighted between the different alert impact levels: critical, high, medium and low.

If we look at the three suppliers with the highest alerts in the last year, these are ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel and POSCO. We have already covered some of the alerts concerning ArcelorMittal in our LinkedIn posts this year. There has been a lot of activity at their facility in Taranto, Italy. Take a deep dive on the Prewave history covering the Taranto sustainability issues here.

Tata Steel has recently had alerts concerning sustainability issues and pollution at their steel mill in the Netherlands. The local community is trying to put a stop to the pollution through an investigation. Find out more here.

For the complete rankings have a look at our ranking dashboard here.

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