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The 4 Pillars of Global Procurement

This blog post will take a deep-dive into the 4 pillars of global procurement, with actionable insights that will help you ensure continued global success….

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7 Steps to Future-Proof Your Supply Chain

As supply chain disruptions increase in frequency, here are 7 steps you can take to future-proof your organisation—and achieve resilience….

The Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Resilience

Traditionally viewed as a cost centre, the supply chain has since become essential to business operations, efficiency, and long-term profitability—which…

The German Supply Chain Act Checklist

Are you prepared for the German Supply Chain Act? Find out now, with our Lieferkettengesetz Checklist!

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Prewave Sustainability Ranking: Mining

The mining industry is typically at the epicentre of sustainability risks, with pollution and unethical labour alerts showing up frequently…

Prewave Sustainability Ranking: Steel Industry

First off, welcome to Prewave’s new ranking format!

We constantly innovate new and meaningful ways to provide value with our…

The semiconductor shortage

The shortage of chips used in auto manufacturing is felt around the globe as major suppliers have to close production…
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