Find out how the Prewave engineers realtime and advance discovery, relevant to your industry



Discovery in the supply chain

Real events affecting international supply chains

Case Study: Kärcher SE

Supplier monitoring at the cleaning equipment expert

Find out how Prewave provides real-time monitoring of Kärchers global supply chain in 50 different languages and covering millions of online sources.

Case Study: Indonesia National Port Workers Strike

Prewave predicts seaport strikes 18 days in advance

Large scale data collection and geo-specific targeting allow the Prewave engine to deliver accurate early warning of labour unrest well in advance.



Transparency across the board

Discovery of critical elements across the impact value chain

Case Study: PT Rayon Utama Makmur

Grassroots journey to factory closure

In dealing with low-resource languages such as Indonesian, Prewave was able to keep ahead of the complex string of events leading to demonstrations and site closures at the PT RUM facility.

Case Study: Extractive practices in Ethiopia

Uncovering sustainability risks at raw materials suppliers

An ongoing battle between extractive industrial interests and local marginalized communities, this case focuses on the mounting tensions in Ethiopia surrounding gold mining in the area over the course of a decade.



Risk detected, risk managed

Realtime knowledge in business continuity

Case Study: Kumho Tire Co. Acquisition

Creditors bid to sell to overseas competitor

Fluctuating share prices, state-run competition, over-ambitious deals and a mistrustful workforce had far-reaching consequences on the international tire market recently in Kumho’s attempts for financial stability.