The complete Supply Chain act Germany compliance solution from Prewave

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Supplier monitoring for purchasing, supply chain management and sustainability managers.

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The complete Supply Chain act Germany compliance solution from Prewave

About us

Prewave Risk Intelligence Platform

Understand your global supply chain and important associated risks with the Prewave Risk Intelligence Platform.

Why Prewave?

1. Global Coverage

Prewave provides deep coverage on a global level by focusing on regional and local sources

2. Multilingual

Prewave analyses texts in their local languages, gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding

3. Predictive

Using predictive analytics, Prewave reports on risk events before they happen

4. Machine Readable

Prewave Alerts are highly structured datapoints with all relevant attributes extracted


You've discovered all risks in your supply chain for today.

Prewave covers a wide variety of risks such as:

Labor unrestPredictable
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• Labor strikes
• Labor protests
• Labor disputes
• Worker suicides
Political unrestPredictable
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• Political protests
• Bomb threats
• Shootings
• Terrorism
Financial stressPredictable
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• Layoffs
• Unpaid wages
• Site closures
• Rating decreases
Legal stressPredictable
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• Regulatory shutdown
• Lawsuits
• Corruption, Theft
• Investigations
Industrial AccidentsDetectable
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• Fires and Explosions
• Building Collapse
• Workplace accidents
• Equipment failure
Natural DisastersDetectable
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• Floods
• Hurricanes
• Earthquakes
• Landslides
Cyber risksDetectable
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• Data Leaks
• Cyber Attacks
• Data privacy issues
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• Congestion
• Supplier Issues
• Blockades and Interruptions
CSR Incidents Detectable
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• Pollution, Contamination
• Unethical Labor
• Poor Working Conditions
• Other Misconduct
Product Incidents Detectable
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• Product Recalls
• Product Hazards
• Product Failures
Consumer UnrestDetectable
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• Consumer Campaigns
• Boycotts
• Petitions
Governance RisksDetectable
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• Management Change
• Mismanagement
• Policy changes
• Corporate Wrongdoing
Strat. DevelopmentsDetectable
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• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Partnerships
• Product Launches
• Innovation Activities


We love to provide value


Prevent disruptions and understand risk

Monitor and assess the most critical elements of your supply and logistics chain for disruption risks: Suppliers, Transportations Hubs, Raw Material Sites and many more.


Gain transparency into your critical stakeholders

Find out what really happens at your most important stakeholders by screening them for a broad spectrum of sustainability risks.


Make the right decision

Evaluate suppliers based on real-life and up to date data, that doesn’t lag behind as financial and credit reports do. Be sure to have the complete picture of a supplier before you make any decision.


Prewave connects seamlessly with your enterprise


Predictive alerts act as an early warning system for your business


Millions of historical risk datapoints across different categories and regions

Prewave Api

Simply integrate Prewave’s alerts with your existing software systems

Prewave App

Visualisation of Prewave’s alerts in your web browser from anywhere

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Doing it right

Prewave Code of Ethics

Prewave operates in a time and space of advancing technology and data privacy which is why we adhere to our code of ethics to make sure we remain legally, ethically and socially responsible and accountable.

Feel free to download our Code of Ethics