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At Prewave, our commitment to ethical and legal responsibilities extends to our valued employees and collaborators alike. We uphold the principles of our company with the utmost diligence.

In alignment with legal standards, we’ve established a confidential reporting mechanism, our Whistleblower-System, and we’re providing you with a concise overview.

Our software is thoughtfully chosen to meet all legal requirements, especially those related to data protection. The system is designed for individuals to report legal violations within specified areas, either anonymously or by revealing their identity, with the assurance that their information will be treated discreetly.

We encourage you to play a vital role in helping us uncover and prevent legal breaches that may have come to your attention. Your reports can encompass various areas, such as product safety, environmental protection, data protection, criminal law violations, and more.

The reporting process is straightforward:

Visit the provided link, express your preference for making an anonymous report or disclosing your details, specify the relevant category for your report, and provide details about the incident you wish to bring to our attention.

Following this, you will receive access to a secure digital mailbox protected by a password of your choosing, ensuring exclusive access. Through this mailbox, you can engage in anonymous communication with the designated staff members responsible for addressing your concerns. Our team will not only acknowledge the receipt of your report but also keep you informed about the actions taken.