The complete Supply Chain act Germany compliance solution from Prewave

Trying to keep up with what goes on at every supplier’s location can be overwhelming and nearly impossible to achieve, especially for larger companies.

Natural disasters, accidents, civil unrest, pollution, labour and health disruptions are already hard to keep track of at your direct suppliers, let alone trying to be on top of each and every event occurring at lower levels of your supply chain.

Prewave solutions

We use the most advanced approach to mapping out your entire supply chain down to raw materials.

Monitor in the most quickly, easily and cost-efficiently way your entire supply chain, minimizing risks and staying ahead of your competition.

From supplier monitoring and tier-n transparency to compliance with international supply chain legislations, Prewave integral approach gives back control to your company.

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30th November

1 pm CET

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What to expect

– Meet the team and the values behind Prewave

– Understand how our system works

– Assistance in complying with international legislations

– Real-time alerts from countless languages and region

– In-depth explanation of Tier-N transparency by Supply Chain mapping

– Pioneering approach to Supply Chain monitoring

– Fast and cost-effective

– Ask us your questions

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