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Find out what’s really happening in your supply chain.

Supplier monitoring to make your supply chain more sustainable, transparent and resilient.

Prewave employs AI supplier monitoring, spanning more than 50 languages and 150 countries. Any risk event such as sustainability issues like pollution or human rights violations , disruptions such as fires, coronavirus outbreaks or lawsuits or any other of the more than 100 risk event types are reported back to you in real-time. We ensure that you know exactly what’s happening in their supply chain. Furthermore we help you to comply with international supply chain laws by bringing transparency into all tiers of your supply chain.

Sustainability monitoring done right: the case with Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen

Find out how the automotive giants are using Prewave to monitor their supply chain for sustainability risks and issues and then work together with their suppliers to resolve any problems and make their supply chain more resilient.

Monitoring the supply chain for disruptions to reduce risk: The Kärcher success story

Supplier monitoring at the cleaning equipment experts: Find out how Prewave provides real-time monitoring of Kärchers global supply chain in 50 different languages and covering millions of online sources.

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